Does Your Dog Have Separation Anxiety?

Need to book a stay at one of your local dog kennels, but you are worried about your dog’s separation anxiety? Separation anxiety is when a dog gets incredibly stressed out when left alone or in the care of someone else. It is a pressing condition that can change your dog’s mood and behavior. Learn more about the signs of separation anxiety and tips on how to manage it.

Signs of Separation Anxiety

A dog that is experiencing separation anxiety will whine or bark almost the entire time an owner is absent. A pet, despite being housebroken, may have accidents inside the home. Your dog may chew up shoes, scratch the furniture, or make holes around the house. As well, when you return, an extremely agitated dog may try to escape. Lasting signs may include drooling and panting or frequently pacing in an obsessive pattern.

Tips for Helping Your Dog

The first step is to visit your vet to confirm separation anxiety and not some other medical issue. Once confirmed, there are some small changes you can make. Give your dog a special toy when you leave to help distract and entertain your pet. Pay attention if your dog has picked up on the signs of you leaving, such as jingling your keys or putting on shoes, which can trigger anxiety. If this is the case, disassociate these actions by putting on your shoes and staying in the house for a while. Or, walk around inside with keys in your hand. Most important, take your dog for long walks. A dog that has received a lot of exercise will be tired and happy and less likely anxious.

Local Dog Kennels in Baltimore: Woofs & Wags

When leaving your dog for longer periods of time, ensure that you research your local dog kennels to choose the best one for your dog’s needs. A great dog kennel will have a lot of space, experienced staff, and a veterinarian on call. Woofs & Wags has over 25 years of experience in the pet care industry. Contact us today and we will ensure your pet is well taken care of.

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