Do Fireworks Scare Your Dog?

The loud sounds and bright lights of fireworks can be overwhelming for dogs. They do not understand what is happening. Or they may worry that their family is in danger. Fortunately, there are things to do to keep your dog happy and safe during fireworks. Learn a few tips from Woofs & Wags, dog boarding in Baltimore MD.

How to Ease Your Dog’s Fear of Fireworks

Some dogs suffer from a phobia of loud noises. Plus, the bright flashes of light with fireworks can add to their stress and anxiety. Dogs have a much more sensitive sense of hearing, so those already loud booms can be extremely frightening to your dog. If your dog is sensitive, there are things you can do to help your pet relax.

Consider playing with your dog as much as possible throughout the day before the fireworks start. If you burn up as much of your dog’s energy as possible, your pet has a better chance of being worn out before the show begins. If tired, your dog may be calmer and less likely to react to the loud noises and bright lights.

Another great way to help your dog is to create a safe haven for your dog to rest or hide. Place your dog in an area that is secure and as far away from the fireworks display as possible. Consider turning on music or the television to distract your dog and drown out some of the noise.

Consider Leaving Your Dog Behind: Dog Boarding in Baltimore MD

If you plan on going on vacation for the Fourth of July, consider dog boarding in Baltimore MD. At Woofs & Wags Pet Lodge there are other dogs to play with throughout the day. Plus, our staff will care for your dog all day and night to ensure happiness and safety at all times. Your dog will get plenty of exercise, regular meals and avoid subjection to fireworks. Schedule your stay today!

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