Are Boarding Kennels Safe For My Dog?

Dogs are like family members. Which is why it’s hard to leave them behind in a boarding kennel when you go on vacation. You don’t know what kind of treatment they’ll get, if they’ll get along with other dogs, or if they’re going to miss you too much. However, there are safe boarding kennels that will keep your dog safe and healthy during your time away. Read on to learn more.

How to Find the Right Boarding Kennel

When you are away on vacation, you want to stay in nice, safe places so your family has a good time. You want the same for your dog when you leave your pet behind. Although your dog will notice you are gone, he can have a good time with new caretakers. Your dog can play entertaining games and relax in comfort.

It’s important to visit any boarding kennel before you commit to leaving your dog there. You can see how the dogs are kept and how they are treated. This will give you a sense as to what life will be like for your pup when you are away. Ask for licensing and certification proof that the kennel is allowed to board and care for dogs. You should also ask about their insurance policy, and whether they have access to a local vet at all times of the day.

There are some boarding kennels that offer a lot more than just a place to stay. All pets require different things to make this happen so ask for an experience to fit your needs. This may be a quiet glass front suite with cozy bedding, or part of an active group of supervised cage-free campers who join new buddies in dog day care for the afternoon. Some facilities even offer special menu items, grooming services, and added exercise plans to enhance your dog’s stay.

Woofs & Wags

The next time you are planning a vacation, don’t feel guilty about leaving your dog behind. Contact Woofs & Wags and line up an overnight room with one-on-one buddy time with a member of our caring staff. With grooming services, special menu items, and exercise plans, your dog is guaranteed to be happy and healthy while you are away.

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