Cat Day Care Offers Full-Service Care

Your cat is a member of your family and it’s important for your pet to have safe haven while you’re hard at work and away for a long day. Additionally, it can be very stressful for a cat to be completely alone in a quiet home if your pet is used to you returning each day at a certain hour or interacting with you several times a day over the course of a weekend. A house that suddenly becomes empty and quiet can cause lots of confusion and anxiety for pet. When you are out of the home for longer periods of time, consider cat day care services.

Cat Day Care Services

While in a cat day care, your feline will receive continual care. Experienced staff will take care of your pet’s individual needs, including:

  • Monitoring your cat’s individual dietary needs
  • Providing regularly-scheduled feedings
  • Stimulating your cat through play and interaction
  • Monitoring play groups
  • Providing individual retreats for rest

There always should be a full staff available for the safety and well-being of your cat. Good facilities will be clean and well-stocked, thus providing the highest quality cat day care services.

Longer-Term Cat Boarding

Leaving for multiple days? You wouldn’t leave your child at home alone to fend for themselves, so why would you do that to your cat? When you have to be away on vacation, you need premium cat boarding services from professionals. At Woofs & Wags, we offer complete care for your cat, including:

  • Continual care
  • Carefully monitored diet
  • Playtime stimulation with our staff
  • And more!

We will see to all your cat’s needs while in our boarding facility, including their emotional needs while they are separated from their families. Overnight accommodations are available at Woofs & Wags for single and multiple cat families with pricing starting out at $20.00 per night for the first cat with additional discounts for the multi cat family. We require proof that your feline friend is current on all regular vaccinations. Contact us today!


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