Finding Cat Boarding in Baltimore

When life forces you to separate from your feline friend for more than a few days, cat boarding is usually your best bet. However, with such a large amount of options, choosing the right service for your pet can feel overwhelming at times. In order to find the right location for cat boarding in Baltimore, it is important to take several steps to ensure that your cat is in the right hands.

Hunting down the Best Cat Boarding in Baltimore

Take the time to talk to other cat owners about their experiences and recommendations. Whether you are asking friends or family in the local area, it is important to get a feel for what facilities people have tried and the services they offer. If you do not know anyone with knowledge you are looking for, you can easily utilize social media. Many communities have cat-owner groups on Facebook and similar platforms, allowing you to reach out to many people with experience in boarding their cat.

Another way to make use of technology is through simple Google searches that will reveal the most popular options in your area. Additionally, you can browse through numerous companies’ websites and determine which ones offer the services you are looking for at the best price. Other small business search directories such as Yellow Pages offer free local searches.

You should expect from your cat boarding service no less than the highest quality of care, safe and clean conditions, and plenty of activities for your pet. After creating your list of potential candidates, it is important to individually vet each one to determine if it appropriately satisfies these conditions.

In Maryland, all pet kennels are required to be officially licensed and inspected by the state government. A facility displaying their certification means you can trust that your cat will not be abused or have a high probability of catching a dangerous disease. However, while a license does establish a baseline for accepting or rejecting a business, it is necessary to determine if it meets your pet’s individual needs at a reasonable price.

Lastly, it is always a good idea to verify information from the company’s website or employees by visiting in-person and having a tour. Remember, you should always be willing to plan ahead in order make sure your cat gets the care it needs.

If you have questions about cat boarding in Baltimore, then contact Woofs and Wags. Get in touch here to learn more about this facility and the services that are provided here.

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