Cat Boarding Near Me: Don’t Leave Your Feline at Home

Cats are easy-to-care=for pets – they can access their own food and water, and even take themselves to the bathroom. They may not need long walks, like your dog, but that doesn’t mean that your feline will be fine at home alone when you plan a trip out of town. Wondering, “Should I find cat boarding near me?” There are several good reasons to board your cat, from safety to your pet’s own comfort. Some people are confused about cat boarding – it’s not just for dogs, and it can be a pleasant experience for your cat.

Finding the Best Cat Boarding near Me

My cat will be fine alone. Even though you left plenty of food and water and cat-proofed your house to prevent damage, when you’re away for several days, he may become lonely, confused, and upset.

My cat will be caged all day. Even though your pet may eat and sleep in a secure caged area, a good cat boarding center ensures that your animal has plenty of space to roam, play, and scratch.

My cat will be nervous around loud dogs. While there are plenty of boarding facilities that house both cats and dogs, typically those animals are kept separate. Reputable boarders know that many animals become nervous when surrounded by loud noises, especially in an unfamiliar area. Check your cat boarder for separation between cats and dogs, as well as noise-reducing accommodations.

My cat doesn’t play well with others. If you’re concerned that your cat may get into a disagreement with another pet, make your boarder aware. They can arrange for your cat to have exercise and meals away from others. A good cat boarding facility will make sure that each pet’s unique needs are accommodated.

Will my cat become ill? While a disease isn’t completely preventable, animals in cat boarding centers are screened for signs of illness before they’re admitted. Each animal is required to submit vaccination records and sometimes even a health clearance from their vet. If your kitty has a compromised immune system, you may want to consider private accommodations.

Can I afford boarding my cat? Consider boarding your cat as an investment in your pet’s health and happiness. While some animals seem to be fine alone for a few days, you won’t know if being left alone can damage your cats personality, or make them fearful or skittish in the future. Err on the side of caution, and ensure that your pet is well cared for.

Can I find cat boarding near me? Contact Woofs and Wags. Get in touch to learn more about this facility and the available services for your cat.

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