Cat Boarding: Is It Right for Your Feline?

Although your cat may be very independent, if you plan to travel for more than a couple of days consider using a cat boarding service, versus leaving your pet in your home alone.

What to Know About Cat Boarding

Before You Board

Consult with your vet about possible boarding for your pet – they typically have recommendations, and may even work with some for after-hours care. If not, make sure that you have your vet’s contact information, including pet emergency numbers.

Visit the facility ahead of time. A good boarder will allow you to tour and answer all your questions – some even encourage you to bring your pet along, to give them exposure before you drop them off. There are a few things to look for when choosing a cat boarding center:

  • Look at the area from your cat’s perspective. Will she be living in an open cage, with little room to hide? Or are there cat-cubbies, scratching posts, and climbing areas available?
  • How near is your cat to dogs and other animals? Lonely dogs may be especially noisy and frighten your cat.
  • What is the facility’s policy regarding violent or unfriendly animals? What safety precautions are in place to ensure that your cat isn’t bitten or scratched by an unfriendly neighbor?
  • Can you provide your own food and treats for your cat, or does the cat boarding center have certain food regulations? If your cat has medical needs, how will these be handled?

Use your eyes and ears, too. Look at the litter boxes and water dishes. Are the boxes empty and fresh-smelling? Is the water full and clear? What about the noise level? If it hurts your ears, it probably will be uncomfortable for your cat, too.

At Drop Off

Give yourself and your pet plenty of time at drop-off. Even the boldest of felines will be nervous in a new place, with unfamiliar sights, sounds, and smells. Place a towel that smells like you and your home in the carrier with your cat, and ask that the towel be part of her bedding. The smell of home will give her comfort.

Make sure that the cat boarding facility has your contact information, emergency numbers, and a back-up, just in case. Call periodically to check on your pet, and have fun on your trip!

If you have questions about cat boarding, then contact Woofs and Wags, Baltimore. Get in touch here to learn more about this facility and the services that are provided here.

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