Top Cat Breeds for Apartment Life

If you reside in an apartment and are thinking of getting a cat, then you should understand there are certain breeds that do better in apartments than others. There are short haired cats, as well as long haired cats, that both do equally well in a smaller home. Read on to learn more from the caretakers at Woofs & Wags’ cat hotel.

Apartment Life for Cats

Start by looking for smaller breeds of cats when you live in an apartment. For example, the American Shorthair is very easy going. They love to be around their owners. This breed does very well in small apartments, but you will need to spend quality time with him or her. Also, the Birman breed is a very affectionate cat that adores sleeping in laps. It does not require much living space. They are very quiet, but extremely sociable. You may also want to consider the British Shorthair. This breed of cat is amazingly adaptable. They thrive in apartments. Their size fluctuates between medium up to large. This breed is known to do more lounging than most. Before you pick your kitty, form a plan on where he or she will be able to climb and perch. Felines absolutely love to climb and perch to survey their area or territory. Find a cat tower that will adequately fit in your home. Purchase one that includes a scratching area to save on space.

Woofs & Wags Cat Hotel

There are plenty of cat breeds to choose from, so do your research to the right breed for your lifestyle. Most important, although most cats do well living in apartments, it is crucial to not leave your cat home alone when being away from home for long periods of time. Consider finding the perfect cat hotel for your new pet. Woofs & Wags Pet Lodge, conveniently located in the Brewers Hill/Highlandtown area of Baltimore City, offers overnight accommodations. We offer stays for single and multiple cat families with proof that your feline friend is current on all regular vaccinations. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

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