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Back to the Office? Consider Pet Daycare!

These past few years, many pets have adjusted to having their owners home all the ...
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Should I Board My Cat?

If you were going on a trip and you have a dog, there would be ...
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Puppy Grooming Tips for the Fall

Puppies love playing outdoors. Nothing beats the warm sun and cool grassy fields. However, dry ...
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How to Help Your Cat with Grooming

If you have ever been around a cat, you have probably watched it groom itself ...
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Prepare Your Dog for the Fall Season

As the weather starts to cool, it is time to pay attention to your dog’s ...
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Keeping Your Bored Cat Entertained

While adult indoor cats can appear to be perfectly stimulated, that is not always true. ...
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August Dog Grooming Tips for Baltimore City Pets

Taking care of your pet should always include a consistent grooming routine with a good ...
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The Benefits of Putting Your Pup in Dog Daycare this Summer

If you have children, you may have considered sending them to summer camp to socialize ...
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Summer Safety Tips for Your Pooch

Summertime means more fun activities outdoors with your dog. However, higher temperatures are not ideal ...
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Book Your Pet's Next Best Stay

Ready to give your furry friend the ultimate pampering experience? Book their next best stay at Woofs and Wags today! Whether it’s an overnight stay for your dog or cat, a fun-filled day at our Doggie Day Camp, a makeover with our professional pet stylists, or a shopping spree at our Puppy Pro Shop, we’ve got everything your pet needs for a tail-wagging good time. Don’t wait, treat your pet to a memorable stay with us now!
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